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Investigative Analytics

Not every business question requires an AI solution – the simplest data stories told well manifest change on a greater scale than the majority of complex solutions. We start with our value chain – understanding your requirements and the levers you can pull to seek the relevant insights you need from your data. We understand data and how to translate your business challenges into data problems and to provide actionable pragmatic insights you can act on.

Marketing Measurement

In the fast-paced and increasingly complex world of marketing, it is extremely important for businesses to know which marketing actions have a positive impact – and which don’t. In order to do so, marketers need accurate measurement to inform them of what’s working, what needs to be prioritised and what needs to be avoided. We have industry expertise delivering analytical solutions such as; campaign analysis, omni-channel attribution and media mix measurement, to help guide and inform those important marketing decisions.

Product Analytics

To be successful in an increasingly cluttered competitor landscape, it’s key that the products a business sells meet the needs of its customer base as closely as possible; listening and reacting to consumer behaviour has never been more important. We have expertise in driving product design and profitability through the application of advanced analytics; we accurately measure consumer wants and expectations in order to refine and improve our client’s product offering in-line with our findings. In doing so, businesses can gain a critical advantage over their competitors.

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