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Building value through AI requires a strategy that is aligned and connected across the enterprise in service of a guiding business objective. We help you ask the right questions, frame your investments, understand the KPI, and build a roadmap with the technology, operational, organizational, and ethical requirements needed. As a leader in operational enablement and ethical AI, we can chart your path to success.

We help clients design and implement robotic process automation (RPA), leveraging unique industry expertise to quickly identify and support key use cases and accelerate time to value. From simple back-office automation to scaled platforms that drive growth and innovation, we bring expertise in RPA design, planning, and governance to strengthen outcomes and return on your RPA investments.

Custom AI has become a vital addition to CX tech stacks as brands seek to improve conversion or make digital investments go farther.

We bring custom AI frameworks and expertise to help brands drive growth and profitability from their customer data, including next best action decisioning, digital media efficiency and performance, audience insights and segmentation, dynamic prospecting, and omni-channel engagement.

We help brands organize and enable the data they need to drive their business forward. That means going beyond technology to ensure the right capabilities, resources, and processes are in place to enable success. We build out data collection pipelines, manage a holistic system of data management technology, and stand up clean rooms and data governance policies to empower your data scientists and analytics teams.

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Solution Launch

Introducing Merkle GenCX

GenCX is an innovative solution powered by generative AI models and trained on knowledge of every US consumer.

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Embracing Ethical AI

You’ve probably come across the term “ethical AI” in different contexts and conversations. It’s an admirable concept, but what does it really mean?


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Scaling-Up: Designing Tomorrow’s Experiences Today

Meeting customer expectations today means asking the big questions. How do you want your customers to feel? How can you make their lives better? And how can interactions grow into relationships? The 2023 Customer Experience Imperatives helps you navigate the entire landscape whether it your organization, your existing technology and data assets, or how to think about commerce.



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