2023 Snowflake Summit

June 26-29, 2023 | Las Vegas

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Snowflake Summit brought together industry experts, data enthusiasts, and technology pioneers to explore the latest advancements in data management and analytics. Attendees discovered how to enable seamless alignment and collaboration across crucial functions in the Data Cloud to transform nearly every aspect of the organization.

At the Snowflake Summit, attendees also uncovered the latest innovations coming to the Data Cloud, and learned from technical, data, and business experts about what's possible for organizations in a world of data collaboration. 


Your First Taste of the Data Cloud

One of our sessions can be viewed on demand on Snowflake's site. Get an overview the Data Cloud and hear a Q&A our own Morten Lileng on how we use it today.

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About our sessions

Speakers: Ankur Jain, Cloud Practice Lead, Merkle & TJ Jana, Director - Data/AI & MarTech, Universal Destinations & Experiences

Nothing earns business and loyalty more than meeting customers in the moment with relevant, meaningful experiences. For Universal Destinations & Experiences, this not only extends to when guests are in-park but also when guests are online planning their visits. A more personalized experience, online and in-park, can increase customer satisfaction and wallet size, and results in a strong brand relationship. For Universal Destinations & Experiences​​​​​​​, delivering personalization at scale required building a strong data foundation to get a full, 360-degree view of their guests.

This session discusses how Universal Destinations & Experiences​​​​​​​ enhanced their cloud-native data lake by leveraging the Data Cloud to unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data in a secure, governed, and compliant manner.

Speakers: Morten Lileng, SVP, Data Platforms and Products Engineering, Merkle, Nick Pileggi, Senior Solutions Architect, phData, Dominick Rocco, Chief Architect, Data Science and Machine Learning, phData

Identity resolution is a critical component for enabling organizations to link disparate data sources and build a comprehensive view of their customers, commonly known as Customer 360. As organizations look to do more with data and better understand their customers, there has been tremendous demand to perform identity resolution quickly, efficiently, securely, and at scale. Security is always a foremost concern when processing personally identifiable information (PII) for identity resolution. 

In this presentation, you'll learn how we transformed an identity resolution algorithm using Snowpark, simplifying architecture and enabling secure processing of PII. By leveraging Snowpark and deploying within clean rooms, we achieved stronger security measures, satisfying requirements and accelerating our sales cycle.

Watch on-demand here.

Speakers: Barry Latimer, VP, Technology, Merkle, Boris Jabes, CEO & Co-Founder, Census

Traditional data warehouses and data tools can be expensive and inflexible, making it difficult for data teams to respond quickly to changing business needs. With the power of the Data Cloud, combined with modular, reusable components and flexible data integration, organizations can use a composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) to make the most of their existing infrastructure investments while powering increased collaboration with other teams. This flexible approach allows data teams to quickly respond to new requirements by easily assembling and reassembling components and providing more value to marketing, sales, customer support, and finance teams. 

In this panel discussion, our experts share their insights and experiences regarding how data teams can leverage composable CDPs to enable better collaboration between data engineers and data analysts and add more value to marketers and the business.


Unveiling a New Era of Data Compute and Collaboration

The summit brought together industry experts, data enthusiasts, and technology pioneers to explore the latest advancements in data management and analytics. With AI taking center stage, the event showcased how Snowflake's Data Cloud Platform is evolving. Here are some highlights.



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