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Customer Engagement Report: Q1 2022

Customer Engagement Report: Q1 2022

Balancing Data Privacy and the Push for Personalization

In this edition of the Customer Engagement Report, we share survey results from over 2,000 consumers, instead of marketers, to unpack the amount and extent of data consumers are willing to share. We also look at how well their attitudes align (or don’t) with the kind of connected, personalized experiences they’ve come to demand from the brands they frequent and favor.

In our exploration of government and big tech restrictions, we define how smart value exchanges, enabled by responsible data sharing, can power more engaging and enduring relationships between brands and their customers.


What you'll learn:

Download the report to gain insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors shaping the future of personalization at scale, including:

  • What do consumers really think about privacy?
  • How to effectively engage consumers around responsible data sharing

Among our findings:

  • 70% of respondents expect to receive something in exchange for giving a brand data

  • Our survey found that 86% are likely to enjoy personalized offers based on their interests and browsing or purchase history

  • 84% think that big tech benefit from data policies they put into place and promote.

  • 45% of survey respondents indicated that big tech is trying to get ahead of government regulations, and 36% indicated its motive is to make more money

Case Studies Featured Inside

Assessing a National Supermarket Chain on Identity Readiness

Utilizing a Clean Room for Privacy-safe Data Ingestion and Audience Building