Product & Market Intelligence

Take control of customer data — your own as well as second- and third- party data — with advanced analytics techniques and deeper insights.

The scale and complexity of today’s ecommerce platforms poses a challenge to understanding business performance and prioritizing competitive improvements. Our digital shelf analytics platform helps you improve brand exposure, guide channel partner incentive programs, manage stock replenishment, and more with greater visibility into insights, recommendations, and customizable reporting on your KPI in real time.

We help brands optimize and fortify their supply chain with integrated solutions across demand planning, sales forecasting, and fulfillment data from both internal and external datasets. Advanced analytics capabilities  designed for the unique circumstances of your business enable more accurate forecasting and predictive scenario planning — and increase your ability to make strategic pivots that grow profitability.

For brands to win sales and satisfy customers, they need to consistently provide the most compelling, detailed, and up-to-date content about their products whenever and however customers shop for them. Our AI-enabled approach helps brands improve content on direct commerce and channel partner websites, ensuring accurate product content that helps buyers make purchasing decisions with confidence.

Consumer preferences are always in flux — but brands should consistently offer an optimal assortment of products priced right for their best shoppers. Our analytics and decision tools help you understand your best-performing products and price position by market, shopper segment, store platform, and more — then compare those with competitors to make smart decisions through data and advanced AI-powered analytics.

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Introducing Merkle GenCX

GenCX is an innovative solution powered by generative AI models and trained on knowledge of every US consumer.

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Embracing Ethical AI

You’ve probably come across the term “ethical AI” in different contexts and conversations. It’s an admirable concept, but what does it really mean?


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