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Transform customer experiences and accelerate experience-led growth with our industry-leading services and solutions.

Our Connected CX Cloud is the ideal foundation for personalization at scale, delivering powerful data interoperability to boost agility, streamline innovation, and speed time to value. Seamless integration of modern data strategies, services, and tech gives you more command of customer data and a more holistic and elastic way to activate, automate, safeguard, and empower data. And we can deploy it in whole or part.

In today’s CX landscape, it can be hard to assess the tools you need and how to integrate them. Our marketing and technology experts know the solutions, vendors, platforms, standards, and integrations needed for CX technology enablement. We help with strategy, platform and vendor decisions, offer strategic advisor and solution architecture services, and forge partnerships between your marketing and tech divisions.

According to recent research, companies that invest in a CDP are outperforming those that don’t. With decades of experience in marketing data platforms and deep partnerships with leading CDP vendors, Merkle is an industry-acclaimed partner in CDP implantation and optimization. We help with strategy consulting, organizational adoption, solution design and implementation, and growth and maturity.

Harnessing the value of data means connecting the data. With our data fabric framework, we help organizations manage and operationalize data and insights with greater speed and scale — in a way that minimizes costs and maximizes value. This includes data acquisition, activation, and management, data processing and customer data integration, hosted and managed marketing database services, and identity graph creation.

Disconnected data, gaps in 360-customer view, and lack of data access can be detrimental to revenue and customer experiences — which is why moving to the cloud is essential.

Our complete cloud-native services and solutions accelerate your cloud strategy — in public, private or hybrid cloud models — and maximize the performance, scalability, security, reliability and productivity of your data and applications.

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Introducing Merkle GenCX

GenCX is an innovative solution powered by generative AI models and trained on knowledge of every US consumer.

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A Smarter Approach to CDPs

While CDPs hold a lot of potential, they aren’t without their challenges. By following the five steps outlined in this ebook, you can make strides to gain the full value of your investment and unlock the complete capabilities of CDPs.


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Scaling-Up: Designing Tomorrow’s Experiences Today

Meeting customer expectations today means asking the big questions. How do you want your customers to feel? How can you make their lives better? And how can interactions grow into relationships? The 2023 Customer Experience Imperatives helps you navigate the entire landscape whether it your organization, your existing technology and data assets, or how to think about commerce.



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