The 2023 B2B Superpowers Index

Original Date: May 31, 2023

B2B brands need to work harder than ever to drive loyalty and engagement – but how can they connect with buyers to keep those relationships strong? Our annual research uses data from 3,600+ B2B professionals to unearth the latest trends in buyer needs, helping brands stay on the cutting edge of customer experience. This webinar will explore these trends, discuss changes from year to year, and translate our findings into practical ways brands can adapt their practices to win with buyers in 2023.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The differences in B2B buyer journeys in comparison to previous years and what matters most to B2B buyers in 2023
  • How to achieve competitive advantage in the B2B space, including industry-specific trends and factors driving B2B experiences
  • Which 7 purchase decision drivers could be the difference between winning and losing
  • The commercial benefits of focusing on the newly important purchase decision drivers
  • What factors are most likely to trigger supplier/partner reviews
  • Exclusive previews of the very latest insights, with a key focus on sustainability and work cultures

Our presenters

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The 2023 B2B Superpowers Index

We surveyed more than 3,600 buyers and users of B2B offerings so we could bring you the inside scoop on B2B brand experiences today. Check out the Superpowers Index for insights from Merkle’s research specialists – B2B International – across the tech, financial services, manufacturing, and professional services sectors, and key markets across the world.


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