Adapting to Meet New B2B Expectations

Millennials make up 60 percent of all B2B tech buyers, with Gen Z quickly joining the ranks. While technology will never fully replace the necessary human-to-human sales aspect of the B2B sales process, this younger generation of buyers is looking for the same streamlined digital experience they have when shopping as consumers.

This demand is not new, but the struggle is developing a sales stack that seamlessly integrates with human-to-human sales efforts. As preference for a self-serve, digital-first B2B buying process continues to rise, it's time to identify how your brand can adapt before you fall behind. Download this ebook to get a step-by-step process for B2B commerce success, including:

  • Embracing B2B differentiators from B2C
  • Aligning logistics for integrating digital and human-to-human sales
  • Building a solid foundation for a fundamental business transformation