The Merkle B2B 2023 Superpowers Index outlines what drives competitive advantage within the business culture and subcultures that are critical to success. It is the indispensable guide for B2B marketers to deliver world-class experiences and keep pace with the dynamic environment.

We surveyed more than 3,600 buyers and users of B2B offerings so we could bring you the inside scoop on B2B brand experiences today. Check out the Superpowers Index for insights from Merkle’s research specialists – B2B International – across the tech, financial services, manufacturing, and professional services sectors, and key markets across the world.

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It’s non-negotiable – B2B brands must evolve their brand experiences, at speed and at scale, to stay relevant to increasing buyer needs and expectations. According to Merkle B2B’s latest Superpowers survey, buyers aren’t always getting what they need from brands, and there’s a huge opportunity for those who can deliver the right experiences.

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