Columbia, MD, April 14, 2021

Merkle Announces Its Merkury Identity Resolution has Integrated with Adobe Experience Platform

Merkle (, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company, announced it has completed the integration of Merkury, its identity resolution platform, with Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). 

Available in the US, the Merkury and AEP integration comes just as new regulations and industry changes are forcing organizations to overcome critical roadblocks to digital tracking, targeting, and data use in their efforts to deliver more relevant experiences across channels and devices. This integration provides a powerful solution to these challenges by leveraging marketers’ first-party identity and data as the foundation for personalized, cross-channel experiences.

Following dentsu’s recently announced partnership with Adobe, the integration enables AEP and the application services it powers, such as real-time CDP, Customer Journey Analytics, and Customer Journey Orchestration, to leverage the full identity resolution capabilities of Merkury. The integration combines the first-party audience profile management, analytics, modeling, and real-time experience delivery and targeting capabilities of AEP – with the added benefits of Merkury’s person ID graph and offline data on all US consumers.

“Our clients understand how critical it is to implement technologies that use person-based, first-party identifiers to recognize consumers across channels and deliver valuable experiences that drive engagement and action in a privacy-safe manner,” said Gerry Bavaro, Merkle’s chief strategy officer, Merkury. “The combination of Merkury and AEP offers unique features, including better accuracy and richness of person-based identifiers, an increased universe of first-party IDs, and additional attributes and channels for personalization.”

“Merkury's advanced identity resolution capabilities integrated with AEP create unified customer profiles based on first-party data, enabling marketers to deliver the truly personalized, cross-channel experiences their customers expect,” said Brian Pong, principal product manager at Adobe.

To hear more about how Merkury and AEP help deliver personalized experiences, register for a webinar on Wednesday, May 5, or to learn more about the integration, visit the Merkle/Adobe partner page.