The challenge

Founded in 1986 with a passion for providing unique, high-quality, well-designed home furnishings, the Arhaus philosophy is to design its own products, search for the best manufacturer while controlling quality, and bring the furniture direct to its customers. Arhaus product developers travel the globe working directly with skilled artisans to craft pieces that can only be found at Arhaus, ensuring that every piece meets the Arhaus high-quality standards.

Knowing that shoppers abandon websites more frequently than they buy, Arhaus and Merkle devised a method that would help the company connect with shoppers not already Arhaus buyers to drive sales and growth of its 12-month file.


increase in response rate


increase in dollars per book

The approach

Using Merkle's proprietary technology, Merkury is leveraged to identify visitors to the Arhaus website that abandon their session, recognize the products that were being viewed or carted, and provide prospect name and address lists to the Arhaus merge purge. With insight into this highly qualified audience, Arhaus can supplement its acquisition efforts with incremental names and mail a catalog to the online shopper.

Using Merkury to identify the shoppers on our website has proven to be very meaningful to Arhaus. We achieve the same level of sales when mailing to much larger universes at a much larger cost.

Christine Parish

Director, CRM, Arhaus

The outcome

By marketing to today’s sophisticated shopper in a multi-channel manner, Arhaus has found a new source of incremental names for its mailings; names that, compared to other acquisition lists in the campaign, perform 46% better in response and 63% better in dollars per book.

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