Columbia, MD, May 14, 2020

Merkle Launches Rapid Audience Layer Solution for Retail Marketers

RAL Retail allows businesses to integrate point-of-sales, CRM, and online data in a matter of weeks

Merkle, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven performance marketing agency, today announced the launch of Rapid Audience Layer (RAL) Retail, a cloud-based, data management platform for retail marketers. The retail solution is now available to help support Merkle partners during the pandemic.

Geared for small to mid-sized retail businesses that want to quickly begin using a data-driven approach for their marketing programs, RAL Retail provides a buildable solution to activate data into audiences across media and channels. RAL Retail draws from Merkle’s deep expertise in building marketing databases for the retail vertical, with a speed to ROI that isn’t offered by any other database solution.

The solution enables marketers to track and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, determine purchase behavior when buying specific goods and services, and refine marketing tactics based on buying motivations or influences. RAL Retail also allows marketers to identify which marketing channel customers are using the most to complete purchases and determine who will receive future marketing communications. By assisting in converting prospects into customers and making existing customers aware of new products, the solution is able to increase visits and cart activity for retailers.

“For many retail businesses, the marketing database is fraught with challenges ranging from budget constraints to IT management,” said Anne-Marie Schaffer, EVP, GM of retail and consumer goods at Merkle. “We’ve solved this with the launch of RAL Retail. We understand the important data that marketers need to uncover about customers and prospects, as well as the need to build insights, marketing campaigns, and results. Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to those resources, no matter the climate.”

RAL Retail is pre-configured and future-oriented, enabling marketers to customize extensions as their business evolves. The standard offering includes:

  • Retail-specific tables: 30+ tables that consume and transform raw retail data feeds into standard formats for consumption.
  • Inbound and outbound event tables: 35+ tables that consume and transform raw promotion history data into standard formats for consumption.
  • Pre-built aggregates: 200+ out-of-the box aggregates that assist with segmenting and visualizing marketing activity.
  • Dashboards: Standard dashboards that are preconfigured to provide an executive summary and detailed insights at the individual, product, and brand level.
  • Compliance: Powered by Complyi, a privacy compliance extension of RAL, functionality includes customer lookup and supports all California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy requests.

Learn more about RAL Retail and register to attend a virtual product demonstration on Tuesday, June 16th at 2pm EDT by visiting here. You can also request a one-on-one demo by completing the form here.

Kite Hill PR for Merkle
Moira Shannon