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Personalisation, Decisioning & Orchestration

All businesses want a seamless, contextual customer experience that spans all touch points – but only with cross-channel personalisation and orchestration of each customer interaction can the best-action decision be made.


14 +
Years of Decisioning experience
Pega Marketing and Decisioning awards
Certified global Pega Marketing consultants
10 +
Years Pega partnership

The Personalisation, Decisioning and Orchestration Challenge

We make every interaction customers have with your brand meaningful, relevant, contextual and purposeful – in real time. To achieve this, a connected customer strategy ensures data, technology and creative work in tandem and align to business goals – as well as customer needs and expectations.

Why it matters to your company

The role of marketers has changed. Now, they must consider growth, sales, brand and customer happiness – all while creating a rewarding customer experience. This is underpinned by developing relationships with customers and exceeding their expectations through tailored, relevant experiences – and this can only be possible with a personalisation, orchestration and decisioning spectrum.

The Merkle solution

A seamless, personalised  experience delivers long-term brand loyalty with consumers. This is no surprise; faster, more relevant communication improves customer satisfaction and engagement, which in turn increases visit frequency, spend value and word-of-mouth recommendations. 

In the broader picture

People-based marketing is about driving lifetime value and we achieve that by being empathetically and contextually relevant and personal to our clients and their customers.

Why work with us?

Data and technology are only as good as the strategy they feed into: that's where the true value lies. Merkle brings all of these capabilities together – technology, data, insights and customer strategy – and executes them with integrated, flexible ways of working to deliver  connected customer experiences that drive cumulative value for brands.

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