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Data Management

Underpinning and providing the data that fuels people-based marketing


150 +
Marketing databases
3.7 B
Customer records
Analytic models
12 B
Personalised emails


The Data Management Challenge


Businesses have never before had so much data to handle, from so many sources. This deluge of data can be highly valuable – but only when managed correctly. Without proper management, data can become siloed and disconnected, which is where Merkle come in. We ensure data is unified to create a 360 degree view of your customers, both known and prospect, while ensuring data is clean, or a suitable quality and as accurate as possible. Once this is the case, the data is accessible for onward usage, such as for insights, analytics, reporting and campaign orchestration. In short, we make vast and disparate data useful and valuable.

Why it matters to your company


Data underpins people-based marketing. So if the end goal is to create personalised, relevant experiences for their customers, managing the underlying data so it is organised, accurate and useable is a fundamental first step. Simply put, a customer-centric marketing strategy is only as good as the data its built upon.

The Merkle solution


Correctly managed data drives the accuracy of targeting and personalisation of campaigns; this in turn improves Marketing ROI. It does this via a two-pronged approach: efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency is achieved via leveraging data to ensure only the most relevant customers and/or prospects are targeted to reduce marketing spend wastage. Effectiveness is delivered by ensuring marketing decisions are driven by data; once you’ve found the right people to target, data helps decide when the right time to contact them is, and what that message should be. This helps to maximise campaign return, whatever the measure of success is – sales, engagement or brand loyalty for example. Good data management, ultimately, drives value from all marketing activity.

Data Management in the broader picture


Data management underpins people-based marketing by facilitating the accuracy of personalisation, targeting, activation and optimisation of all marketing activity. Successful campaigns are built upon a strong foundation of data.

Why work with us


We have over 30 years experience in data management. Our people are passionate experts in their field and know how to deliver a service that works – we have a proven Merkle Methodology and implementation approach that ensures quality and timely delivery, every time, and our proprietary toolkit and products – such as Connected Recognition, RAL, DataSource and Merkle Wallet – gives us a competitive edge. They’ve been developed by us to respond to the demands of our clients and the problems they face – we’ve just made it easier.  

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