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Optimise Technology Setup

The digital advertising ecosystem is a continuously evolving landscape that comprises an ever-expanding range of platforms and vendors. Selecting the most appropriate combination of these technologies is critical to a business’ success but implementing them in the optimal way is equally important. We work with our clients to address both of these considerations and is experienced in working across both established technology stacks (e.g. Google Marketing Platform or Adobe Experience Cloud) and broader combinations of technologies.


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AdTech Stacks Configured and Deployed

Digital Analytics Platforms

Analytics platforms lie at the heart of a company’s digital data strategy, enabling them to better understand how users interact with their online assets and to build advanced audiences for their marketing campaigns. We ensure that our clients’ analytics platforms are tailored to meet their specific reporting needs and, more importantly, to facilitate the generation of actionable insights that drive optimisation activity. Obviously, this is dependent on the analytics platforms being fed robust data. To ensure this happens, we have an expert team of data collection specialists who underpin all our analytics implementations and integrations.

Advertising Technology

Advertising Technology (AdTech) provides the foundations for relevant, targeted and optimised digital communications to be delivered. However, the plethora of options available makes it difficult for businesses to know where to start. We help our clients select the most appropriate AdTech stack, enable in-house ownership through our licensing partnerships, configure and integrate their chosen platforms in-line with their specific requirements, then manage and mature the usage of these technologies over time.

Audience Tech

Audience technologies enable business to target the right people at the right time with the right content using first, second and third-party data. Our Audience Technology team supports clients from a wide range of industries, from Pharmaceutical, to FMCG, to Finance & Banking to Retail, to help them select the most appropriate audience technologies, implement them in the most efficient and futureproofed ways, and to mature their utilisation over time. So whether you are looking for a Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), a Data Management Platforms (DMPs), or a Customer Experience Optimisation Platform (CXO), we can help.

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