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Direction Consultancy

We provide the ongoing guidance and support to deliver against your roadmaps, or manage the successful delivery, understanding, and adoption of any analytical solutions. We aim to ensure the value of your data and analytics insights are fully leveraged and embedded across your organisation, working with you to spot future gaps, next steps, and opportunities



Why it’s important

As highly skilled individuals with analytical backgrounds, we act as data strategist and solution manager. We keep project delivery on track, lead on comms and governance, and support the translation of findings in to action, ensuring best use of data, insights, and practices across the project lifecycle.


What makes us different

Our consultants are customer-centric, highly experienced in data analytics with a passion for success. We have a forward-looking vision, working with and inspiring at all levels of organisations to develop and grow analytical capability.

We are focussed on leading multi-disciplined teams on key projects to deliver maximum data value that translates into business decisions and recommendations.

How we work with clients

Our direction consultants work alongside delivery teams of analysts and engineers, ensuring clarity of deliverables and ongoing communication of ability to achieve required outcomes. The consultants works through issue resolutions, keeping their clients abreast of potential issues or blockers and how best to navigate. We support on the translation of key insights and recommendations to all areas and levels of your business, ensuring best understanding and application of findings.

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