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Cloud Service Engineering

The design, definition and implementation of analytically led engineering solutions, giving effortless access to data for internal and external clients across measurement, performance and operational data.

We work with client teams in both business functions and enterprise IT to identify a road-map for cloud adoption and implementation. This includes the creation of data ingest pipelines, storage and model application for structured and unstructured data. We use technologies such as MLOps and DevOps to automate and manage deployment of machine learning and cloud components.

Cloud Architecture & Platform Setup

Choosing and implementing the right technology isn’t always an easy task. We help businesses select, pilot, deploy and integrate a raft of technologies to unlock their data assets – because the solution is usually not as simple as throwing tech at the problem. We partner with the world’s best-in-class cloud providers and set up the platforms for you – we’re market-leading experts in the field – to enable you to choose the right engineered platform solution for your needs. In doing so, we enable efficient data consumption and activation across your organisation; from implementing and optimising technology platforms to ad-servers, analytics, CRO and DMPs.

Data Science & Environment Provisioning

Once you have your technology set up, we help you build bespoke cloud-based data science environments tailored to your business needs. We work with you to create a cloud enablement plan by building scalable architecture. Our engineering teams are highly experienced in creating data science environments through processes, including database set-up, data cleansing and data ingestion. As a client, you will receive an end-to-end analytical platform allowing for data ingestion, model run, monitoring, as well as data push to marketing systems. We also have a cross-party project delivery team model to provide ongoing support to ensure optimal outcomes for your business.

Data Modelling & Activation

Successfully building and deploying data models is something talked about by many and achieved by few. Our engineering team follows a robust model-development process to ensure you have the right data, in the right format, in the right place to generate accessible and reliable insights. Plus, we are experts in system integration, from power stations to CRM, and ensure that you have an appropriate data ecosystem; data flows underpin marketing and operational initiatives to give you a scalable and deployable analytical solution. We operate with an outcome focused approach; our insights have actionable outputs to drive commercial value almost instantly.

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