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Data Management

Underpinning and providing the data that fuels people-based marketing
150 +
Marketing databases
3.7 B
Customer records
Analytic models
12 B
Personalised emails

Businesses have never before had so much useful data from so many sources. This deluge of data can be highly valuable when managed correctly. However, without proper management, data can become siloed and disconnected and that is where we can help.

At Merkle our first step is to identify your business success drivers and develop a deep understanding of your data ecosystem. We then specify the required data transformation, aggregation and preparation that will drive the accuracy of targeting and personalisation of campaigns and activities that will drive your customer experience. From there we assess and advise on the best technology available to support your business to easily, cost-efficiently and securely manage your data at scale.

Our experience working with data means we have the skills to help unify data and create a single customer view and we help manage the underlying data so it is organised, accurate and accessible for use in insights, analytics, reporting and campaign orchestration.

Data underpins people-based customer experiences and a customer-centric strategy is only as good as the data it is built upon.