Orange Orbit: a year-round experience

Orange Orbit: a year-round experience

Roskilde Festival

Orange Orbit: a year-round experience

Roskilde Festival

Orange Orbit: a year-round experience

Roskilde Festival

Orange Orbit: a year-round experience


Roskilde Festival and it's die-hard fans carry each other in their hearts. But the festival is just one week, so how do you engage and involve the fans throughout the year?

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  • launched the customer experience platform, called Orange Orbit

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    step for permission-based marketing for Roskilde Festival



For Roskilde Festival, it is a bit of a balancing act to do something special for its biggest fans without alienating its larger community. And it’s not about giving these fans a better festival than everyone else. It's about providing an opportunity for them to dive into that orange feeling all year round.

Contrary to most loyalty initiatives and benefit programs, the goal is not upselling or retention. Roskilde Festival tickets sell out every year, as do campsites and pit accesses.




Roskilde Festival's new, digital membership universe is called Orange Orbit – keeping loyal fans in orbit around the festival all year. It’s all about community, the orange feeling, sustainability, artistic innovation, social change and music.

Orange Orbit is digital – it has its own website and is present on the festival's app. Here Roskilde Festival provides opportunities to engage, involve, inspire and interact with the members. And here members can indulge in their passion for Roskilde Festival and gain influence. Roskilde Festival has always been an NGO, and an important part of Orange Orbit is to involve members in shaping the direction of the charitable work.

A crucial point of Orange Orbit was to create a community for those who want to enjoy Roskilde Festival all year round without making the actual festival a lesser experience for everyone else. Just like a football fan club where members meet to cultivate their love for the club.

Having said that, Orange Orbit is also a chance to give members perks and benefits. This could be Special Camping, pit access, inside news on artists, playlists, and recommendations from bookers. An Orange Orbit membership is DKK 150 per year – and this money goes to charities that members have a say in selecting.


With Orange Orbit, Roskilde Festival has taken its first steps towards actual 'permission-based marketing'. Ironically, in such a passion-based customer relationship, Roskilde Festival never had access to structured first-party customer data before. Now, Roskilde Festival can work more purposefully with interaction, involvement and utilization of the various membership benefits, as well as satisfaction with both the membership concept and the festival.