Danske Spil is the national lottery in Denmark, founded in 1948. It handles a number of iconic lottery brands, knowledge games and gambling brands. Merkle has been the digital transformation partner for Danske Spil for years, working to bring a digital experience transformation to their many activities.​

As new gaming formats have captured the attention and wallets of younger generations, how do traditional lottery games stay relevant? Digital formats often fail to deliver on the ease, the excitement and emotional experience of ‘old school lotteries’. With auto-generated coupons just a click away on the phone, those special numbers – your lucky number, birthday, wedding day – they lose their significance. How could we develop compelling digital lottery formats – yet still bring back the magic and renew customers personal relationship with their lottery numbers?

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growth in customers aged 18-30


consecutive years "best inhouse innovation in gaming industry" (EGR)


web as leading digital commerce platform


We’ve reimagined the Lotto experience – from a simple transactional app to an omnichannel ecosystem offering innovative features regardless of platform, time, location, chosen game and whether buying in the corner store, online or in the app: Every user is met with a smooth, engaging and gamified 360o experience – including a revamped exciting “draw experience”, ’safe gaming’ concepts like “Play Together” where more players can safely join in playing the same game, and experience driven concepts like “Your Luck”, where players can use a lucky place, a lucky photo or their own emotions to find their lucky coupon, by using biometrics (heart rate measurement by camera), face recognition and map coordinates.


The outwardly splashy and fun app packs a serious punch, and is now among the absolute top commerce apps in the nation. ​

With the app already handling more than 800.000 transactions per month, it has overtaken all ‘traditional’ online outlets to become the no. 1 digital sales platform for Danske Spil.​

Quick, one of the top lotteries on the platform, hit an all time revenue record in 2020. From 2019 to 2020, the split between web and app players went from 40/60 to 20/80.​

The new focus on digital experience has resulted in the number of players between 18-30 growing with almost 39% YoY (with all ages growing by 23%), completely bucking the trend of lottery players getting older and older.


Keys to success

  • Explosive growth
  • Award winning
  • App-first commerce

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