Do More With Less: Using Total Search to Drive Efficiencies

Jun 15, 2023

Why is total search more important than ever, and how can you use it to solve business problems? In this webinar, experts from Merkle and GrowByData will discuss:

  • How search has evolved over the last year & how to track SERPs as they rapidly change
  • The insights that can help you optimize media investments both nationally, regionally, and by business line
  • Search’s opportunity to inform merchandising decisions
  • How to create content that fulfills customers’ needs and keeps pace with new search trends

Detailed Overview

This webinar will dig into the core insights on the total search landscape that will help you stay nimble and stand out from the competition.

Generative AI is quickly changing the real estate and usability of search engine results pages (SERPs). We will see soon a revolving cast of features and formats. As marketers, we need to give customers the information they need through search, while also being good stewards of our business’s budgets and resources (do more with less!). To deliver that promise in today’s environment, you need a deep understanding of what’s happening in SERPs - sliced by geo, industry, device type, keyword bundles, and more. You need to know how you can use that information to craft the right content and ad strategies to drive results.

Our presenters

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