Powering Personalization at Scale

With Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Measuring and influencing the disparate moments of a customer journey gives brands a competitive edge. But simply having a lot of data isn’t enough.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) empowers everyone responsible for the customer experience to visualize the customer journey in full context, across all data channels, to discover omni-channel insights in real time. And it’s how you’ll influence the micro-moments that form experiences.

What CJA brings to the mix:

  • All your customer data together – connect and standardize data from every online or offline source for fast, querying, analysis, and modeling
  • Engage the customer in context – visualize a customer’s journey across multiple channels and devices sequentially, to design and deliver better experiences
  • Give power to the experience makers – Give anyone in your company who is responsible for customer experience the ability to make data-driven decisions

Merkle helps brands get started by mapping your strategy to harness the power of Customer Journey Analytics across engagement points in the moments that matter to customers.