Columbia, MD, January 27, 2021

Merkle B2B Announces Key Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Merkle (, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company, announces its enhanced collaboration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and Madison Logic. This alignment enables B2B marketers to drive innovation more effectively and creatively.

The collaboration between Merkle B2B and these two B2B marketing solution providers will give marketers better access to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and Madison Logic’s capabilities, audience insights, and marketing activation.

“We’ve been working with Merkle B2B for four years now and are excited to progress our marketing partnerships through their stewardship,” said Helen Gillbe, head of paid and social media at Cisco.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’s B2B product suite aligns with Merkle B2B’s areas of focus: marketing and media, data insights and analytics, technology, research, CRM, and creative. The cooperation will provide marketers with joint innovation and planning, custom data and insights, access to product alphas and betas, and certified teams and custom training opportunities.

Madison Logic, a leader in global digital account based marketing (ABM), allows Merkle B2B to inform and drive client strategy with robust insights from Madison Logic’s proprietary ML.Data Cloud. The combined intelligence from Merkle’s own identity solutions and the ML.Data Cloud identify and prioritize clients’ most active buyers. Merkle B2B is able to deploy digital media for ABM campaigns that stand out from others trying to reach the same audiences. Merkle B2B is also using Madison Logic’s ML.Platform to execute and measure full-funnel, multi-channel ABM campaigns that allow clients to reach customers with always-on digital engagement at every buying stage.

“It is critical that we, as an end-to-end B2B marketing service provider, partner with the best in the industry,” said Michael McLaren, global CEO of Merkle B2B. “These collaborations are being expanded upon as we grow Merkle B2B, which brings the largest B2B brands together in an effort to solve marketing challenges across the enterprise.”

“The only way to reach today’s overloaded B2B buyer is through multi-channel digital account-based marketing and by enabling sellers with information about buyer intent. We’re delighted to partner with Merkle B2B to help our mutual clients make informed decisions about how best to reach buyers at every stage. We’re also giving Merkle B2B account teams our advanced ABM certification program, so they know how to execute full-funnel, always-on digital campaigns,” said Madison Logic CEO Tom O’Regan.