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Developing a precision strategy model for Marktplaats.nl’s B2B operation


Marktplaats.nl, the largest classified advertising website in the Netherlands, were looking to develop a Precision Strategy model for their B2B business that gives a unified customer definition, with actional objectives per segment based on their needs, drivers of transition and potential commercial return. 

With the Precision Strategy, Marktplaats is aiming to develop a better, more precise small and medium business (SMB) experience that drives value to the SMB and Marktplaats.


To deliver against Marktplaats’s challenge, we worked through three clear phases. We started with a discover phase, to understand what strategy was currently in place and to choose the right approach to build the Customer Strategy Model. In the second phase (create) we developed the model by analysing customer data, resulting in three defined customer states, accompanied by a profiler tool that identifies the drivers to move SMBs in different segments towards higher value and seller appeal bands. In the embed phase we used the insights and drivers to state movement to create a Contact Strategy approach that provided an actionable micro view.

To bring the strategy to life within the business we developed several journeys including briefings, objectives and KPIs to give immediate proof points. To ensure continuous success we developed a test and learn framework including hypotheses and testing planning.


Thanks to our work, Marktplaats is now equipped with a customer strategy model, including definitions and entry/exit criteria. We have implemented a state transition analysis to identify the right drivers and opportunities for the client; we have also created a contact strategy handbook including three journeys, programs and tactics to move users through states. Program briefings and journey flows have been documented and described. Lastly, we have implemented a test and learn framework for designing, running and reporting on campaign tests, driving a culture of continual learning and improvement that will fuel greater customer satisfaction and commercial success.

“The team at Merkle greatly helped us make sense of a very complex customer base. The output is an easy to understand segmentation model that allows us to engage with our customers in a unified way. All based on actionable insights aimed to increase the success of our sellers.”

Boudewijn van Ewijk, Head of Precision Marketing, Marktplaats

Keys to success

  • Data was placed at the heart of the project at all times
  • Constant communication and collaboration with the client team
  • Our approach able to build upon our successful first strategy for Marktplaats, giving us confidence that this was the right approach for the client and delivering in a shorter timeframe

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