Our Approach

Architecting modern-day B2B customer experiences.

Our aspiration is to be an indispensable partner to our clients. As in the go-to for the personal, the inspiring, the never before. Our path to get there? Through the elegant orchestration of data, tech, and creativity.


Delivering experiences that are personal, predictive, and informed by insights.

First-party data is the currency of the future. The customer profile — a full calibration of all interactions with your company — enables us to engage with buyers in a far more intimate and meaningful way.

Because it’s only through the respectful application of data that marketers can truly create seamless, personalized experiences across all touchpoints. By combining our proprietary data and tools with your first-party data, marketers get more from their most valued assets.


Designing the ultimate brand-to-demand activation with your tech.

Facilitating the kind of engagement B2B customers expect? That requires technology to move from environment to environment on a connected customer journey. It requires applying algorithmic intelligence to big data sets, first party and third party, to anticipate what buyers will do next.

By leveraging the most innovative technologies available, such as artificial intelligence, next-best-action tools, and integrated experience clouds, Merkle B2B can help B2B brands turn “I wish” into “Oh, wow!”




Redefining, transforming, and
humanizing brands.

Buyers today have low brand affinity coupled with immense pressure to make the right purchase decisions. To help them overcome their fears and uncertainty and move through the decision journey, companies must understand what decision-makers need and when they need it.

Merkle B2B employs a data-driven, strategic methodology to help marketers better connect emotionally with their customers and build stronger brand engagement through highly relevant creative and content.

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