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January 31, 2023
The Drum

Innovation without compromise: 5 ways to future-proof your CX strategy

The stakes are high for today’s brands. They must contend with the usual modern challenges: competition, fickle and fragmented audiences, digital transformation, prodigious amounts of data, and privacy regulations – all while absorbing the shock of the past three years. There’s, quite simply, more of everything, and much to plan for, and targets keep moving.
Author: Matt Naeger
Topics: Customer Strategy
January 19, 2023
The Drum

Make the Most of AI in Marketing with This Golden Rule

ChatGPT, Lensa, DALL E-2: The last few months have highlighted the advances in AI capabilities for immediate, tangible products. It’s no longer theoretical in application. AI is now able to deliver some of marketing’s greatest desires – writing unique content, monitoring customer activity, and reducing the workloads of marketers and account staff everywhere.
Author: Kayla Wolf
Topics: Tech
January 18, 2023

CSR: Creating value through partnerships

A business is like a thriving unit, akin to a family, but at a much larger scale. Just as it is the responsibility of people to give back to the society, businesses partake in equal responsibility to give back to the community. Businesses have the power to influence the economy, environment, and society.
Author: Joel Gonsalves
January 12, 2023
Retail Today

Innovation amidst Uncertainty: Engaging Connected Consumers

As we look back at 2022, we can't help but feel an aura of uncertainty while endless predictions continue about the economic climate. Retailers, however, still need to focus on two key themes: engaging their customers and advancing their approach. With that in mind, now is the time to invest in data and make sure every interaction with customers is a positive experience.
Author: David Kepets
Topics: Customer Strategy
December 30, 2022
Total Retail

Just Like F1, Social Commerce Needs Precision and Speed

With its feedback, creation and conversation loops, social commerce mimics circuit-based Formula 1 races. And success on the track and on social media isn't purely about who is the quickest. Instead, it’s about strategy, precision and avoiding critical mistakes.
Author: Nick Verlaney
December 20, 2022

Let’s Extend the Season of Togetherness into 2023 Planning

According to Bombora Company Surge, during the past 90 days, interest in marketing strategy and digital strategy increased more than any single marketing topic across business services, construction, and manufacturing. If I were a technology vendor, advertiser, or marketing agency that has strategy credentials in those verticals, I'd point my business development folks to those CMOs.
Author: Malcolm Friedberg
Topics: B2B