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How Nespresso Used Smart Audience Targeting to Increase In-Store and Online Traffic


The Nespresso story began more than 30 years ago with a simple idea: enable anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee – just like a skilled barista. From its beginning in 1986, Nespresso has redefined and revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy their espresso coffee and shaped the global coffee culture.

Nespresso wanted to encourage more discerning coffee drinkers to engage with the brand by exploring their online site and visiting their boutiques across the US. 

COVID-19 brought along a host of new challenges, inspiring Nespresso to open up new click-and-collect services and double down on their location-based marketing strategy to drive consumers to their open boutiques.


Nespresso partnered with Merkle and S4M to encourage visits to their boutiques. The campaign was uniquely designed to reach Nespresso’s target audience of coffee drinkers who were previously customers of competitors. Those consumers were offered more information about Nespresso, with the goal of persuading them to switch loyalties to the Nespresso brand.

The team identified users who matched Nespresso’s customer profile, targeting users who:

  • Were known coffee lovers.
  • Had previously visited a competitor brand.
  • Lived or worked in metropolitan areas.
  • Had a household income of over $50,000 per year.

S4M leveraged its Dynamic Catchment Area technology, which enabled the Nespresso campaign to reach consumers within:

  • A 15-minute walking time of a Nespresso boutique.
  • A competitor location.

It was also used to target users within areas that had a high affinity for Nepresso boutiques.

The campaign used dynamic creative optimization and a combination of banners and mid-page unit (MPU) formats, enabling high reach in a user-friendly environment. Over 28 different creative formats were deployed over the course of the campaign.



reduction in Cost Per Visit between September 2020 and March 21


foot traffic uplift from the Q4 holiday campaign


boutique visits generated


higher landing page conversion rate 

Keys to success

  • Identifying users who matched Nespresso’s customer profile.
  • Leveraging Dynamic Catchment Area technology to reach consumers based on their location.
  • Utilizing different creative formats with personalized messaging.

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