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Enabling Unknown Identity Resolution with a Top Ten P&C Insurer


A global insurer and top ten property and casualty insurer in the United States desired to identify and engage unknown website visitors. Identifying site visitors would allow the client to develop personalized site experiences, send triggered email messages and retargeting campaigns to improve quote rate, and enhance direct mail campaign attribution measurement, supporting increased conversion and policy growth.


A Merkle DataSource license was purchased to support direct mail campaign measurement and leverage third-party data for modeling and analytics. Merkle’s terrestrial and digital identity resolution products (called Merkury) were included in the agreement, providing the insurer with the ability to resolve offline first-party data and recognize anonymous digital engagers on its website. The agreement facilitated a pilot program leveraging the Merkury Digital Consumer Recognition (DCR) tag on their site to identify prospective site visitors, with a minimum threshold expectation of identifying 40% of visitors.

In addition to identifying unknown prospects on the site, the insurer also utilized Merkury’s DataSource product, appending 15-20 descriptive audience variables to provide insights on the newly identified prospects. All of the Merkury data is fed into Audience Stream (Tealium’s CDP), making it available in real time for audience targeting and cross-channel messaging. Tealium’s EventStream API allows Merkle to complete server-to-server calls in less than 100 milliseconds to deliver real-time personalized quotes on the website.



more unknown website visitors identified by the Merkury tag, far exceeding the minimum threshold expectations


of site visitors could be sent opt in trigger emails focused on engagement and increasing quote flow

Opportunity to enable further use cases including personalizing site content, quotes, and email

Equipped client team with an informed view into how direct mail campaigns are performing through advanced attribution



Keys to success

  • Merkle and the client defined specific use cases that would be enabled by the Merkury tag technology and processes.
  • Integration of Merkury solutions maximized cost efficiencies, in other words by including the identity solutions in the DataSource license contract, the activation of use cases will be greatly facilitated while minimizing data costs.
  • Being flexible, adaptable, and patient as the identity process can be complex. We focused on getting started and enhance functionality through a phased implementation.

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