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Latest Posts

4 social media trends for you to stay ahead of the game

As our beloved social media landscape is constantly evolving, people like you and me, working with social on a daily basis, might struggle to keep up with all the media plans, client calls, end reports and the endless stream of emails. Sure, we’ve all read about ChatGPT, AR/VR and the shift towards snappy vertical video content. But what are the actual implications of all those trends on our daily work? How should they be applied? Look no further, we’ve got you. These are the most important social trends of 2023 and how we’re applying them in our daily operations.

Sun is setting on Optimize: Keep your business in the light

Google Optimize is being discontinued, leaving many businesses in need of a new optimization tool. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. To help, we've compiled three key pillars to guide your vendor selection and start working towards better customer experiences.

Translating content in Sitecore

We often create large multilingual websites based on Sitecore. Solutions that often involve translation of large amounts of content done by us, the client or a translation agency.

The best methods for measuring & testing a Digital Experience

There are several key approaches for measuring and reporting on a delivered digital experience. Measuring and reporting on the brand new – or newly optimised – experience is important, as this allows for data-led insights to be applied, that further enhance the digital experience.

An Introduction to Digital Experience Management & 3 top tips for DX Strategy beginners

Digital Experience Management is a relatively new discipline has taken the world by storm over the past decade. This notion is not unexpected, given the rapid, global acceleration of breakthroughs in software technology in this time, and the consequent digital platforms that have been birthed.