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Using Marketing Cloud to drive your digital transformation

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The 2023 B2B Superpowers Index

It’s non-negotiable – B2B brands must evolve their brand experiences, at speed and at scale, to stay relevant to increasing buyer needs and expectations.
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Merkle Mornings #1: Executive Summary

A brief summary of the Merkle Mornings session and next moves to unleash AI for your business. You will get a chance to learn from some of the brightest minds in the AI industry. Download the paper here!
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4 social media trends for you to stay ahead of the game

As our beloved social media landscape is constantly evolving, people like you and me, working with social on a daily basis, might struggle to keep up with all the media plans, client calls, end reports and the endless stream of emails.
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Embracing Ethical AI

You’ve probably come across the term “ethical AI” in different contexts and conversations. It’s an admirable concept, but what does it really mean?
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Sun is setting on Optimize: Keep your business in the light

Google Optimize is being discontinued, leaving many businesses in need of a new optimization tool. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. To help, we've compiled three key pillars to guide your vendor selection and start working towards better customer experiences.
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Knowing the role your brand should play in customers' lives

Consumer expectations towards their experiences with brands are rising, but it’s important to look beyond transactions to understand your customers. Identify the in-between moments, the micro-moments, and the context, which can be a challenge in a world of proliferating channels and touchpoints.
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Changing your mindset to bring about change

As customer expectations rise, it's not enough that today's organisations invest heavily in data and technology solutions to keep pace. Business leaders must also explore a change in cultural mindset if they're to deliver ongoing, sustainable, value from this expenditure.