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What Is The Future of Digital Attribution?

The last year has been a turning point for digital attribution. GDPR and ITP has made us re-think our approach, based on the data we have and how this translates into long-term solutions for our clients. Read more to know how to achieve perfect results by using imperfect data.

Black Friday: What Impact Does It Have In Europe?

Mintel estimates that Black Friday sales in the UK hit £4.2 billion in 2017, having grown by 13% year on year. So how do consumers in neighbouring countries react to this ever-growing shopping bonanza?
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Turning Ideas into Reality

I recently had the opportunity to join Nick Drake of T-Mobile, Soles4Souls, and Merkle in driving a campaign to collect money to purchase shoes for those in need. There are three things I learned about turning an idea into reality and wanted to share those experiences. But, before I jump in, I thought it would be fun to share the back story of how a campaign like this got started.
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What's Exciting in Marketing Today?

At this year's Performance Marketing Executive Summit in Barcelona, we asked attendees and presenters what the most exciting thing in marketing today is. Here were there responses.
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Best Practices for Working with a Global Team

We live not only in a socially connected world, but also in a professionally connected one. With the frequency of global acquisitions and increases in remote working models, the likelihood that employees will need to work with a global team has increased dramatically. Working within a global team has tremendous challenges like time zones, cultures, and work habits, —but adapting effectively to a global work environment is essential in today’s business world.

Be Bold for Change

"Wow," "Wow," "Wow," I heard myself saying in my head throughout Under Secretary of the United States Navy Janine Davidson's speech at Merkle's 4th Annual International Women’s Day broadcast.
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