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CRM & Customer Loyalty

Our definition of Customer Relationship Management? An organization wide approach of relationship management focused at delivering added value to clients. However, in this perspective the word ‘clients’ is already too narrow, this could as well be participants, stakeholders, patients, inhabitants, members, fans, leads. Basically everyone with whom you, as an organization, want to build a relationship with and retain that over time (Loyalty). Therefore, if we look at CRM, we rather speak about connecting brands and people.

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Why CRM Matters To Your Company

Brands investing in a more integrated, customer-centric approach to CRM can prove significant improvements in marketing ROI, customer retention, cross-sell and up-sell. To do this, we don't start with a sales objective or channel. Instead, we begin by understanding the customer data to guide our strategic, messaging and testing approach. Then, by keeping a laser-focus on customer metrics, we continually optimise our activity. This results in an effective and efficient marketing strategy that's led by, and for, real customers. This deep understanding of the audience and their motivations can then be leveraged to drive brand objectives.

How CRM Is Used In Marketing

The art of people-based marketing is identifying and engaging with the individual. Our approach to CRM is a fundamental driver of understanding every customer, their needs and how your brand can fulfil them. From contact density, to channel, timing, content and personalisation, our unique planning principles enable us to create CRM programmes that engage the individual and drive loyalty.

Merkle & Partners

Merkle & Salesforce


Salesforce is one of the most used and most advanced customer relationship management (CRM) platforms in the world. Salesforce offers Cloud based applications for Sales, Services, Marketing and more. The Salesforce platform is characterized by its user friendliness, huge variety of additional applications whilst their online e-learning solution ‘Trailhead’ enables every user to understand and work with the platform from the start.

The power of Salesforce is the integration of a big set of applications which enables users to build a customized end-to-end solution for all requirements for Marketing, Sales and Service.


Merkle has more than 250 Salesforce specialists worldwide and have done 75+ successful Salesforce implementations. We have proven knowledge and expertise on:

  • Marketing Cloud
    • Pardot (B2B)
    • Interaction studio
    • Advertising studio
    • Social studio
    • DMP
  • Sales- and Service cloud
  • Integrations with the Salesforce platform.  


Merkle & Tealium

Tealium is one of the most used and most advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP) around these days. The Tealium platform offers different products:

  • Tealium IQ for Tag Management;
  • Tealium Event Stream as a central API hub to collect and deliver your customer event data;
  • Tealium Audience Stream CDP which enables you to unify your customer data and power real-time audience engagement;
  • Tealium Data Access for bringing together and unify all your customer data from different sources;
  • Tealium Predict Machine Learning that enables you to predict customer behavior and take proactive action across every channel.


The power of Tealium is the way it brings together all customer data from different channels and sources and how it unifies this data, to enable you to fulfill a wide range of highly relevant use cases for modern day marketing.

Merkle has more than 15 Tealium specialists within the EMEA network and have done multiple successful implementations, deployments and delivers day-to-day Tealium support for a group of clients across industries. 

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