The challenge

Merkle has helped Dr. Barbara Sturm to overcome the challenge of decreasing demand as the existing audience was over-saturated and achieve their ambitious growth targets. By shifting reliance away from organic and short-term ROI growth to a long-term sustainable growth, we were able to introduce a significant number of new customers and improved their YoY Q4 revenue by 94%.


increase in year-over-year Q4 revenue

identified the key environments to reach key audiences

The approach

Knowing that luxury purchases require longer than average consideration times, our approach was adopting a full funnel media strategy to expand Dr Sturm’s audience, focusing on building awareness and introducing new customers to the funnel. Working with their CRM team, we identified key audience groups: high net worth individuals and skincare enthusiasts. Using market and audience explorer tools, we identified the key environments to reach these audiences on based on their media consumption behaviours, enabling us to expand coverage to multiple new high-impact platforms.

The outcome

The campaign generated excellent engagement across the board. The biggest success, however, was the halo effect our branding activity had on our performance campaigns, by significantly increasing remarketing audience pools which helped to expand lower funnel reach and as a result improved YoY Q4 revenue by 94%.

This case study highlights a growing tension that exists between short-term response and long-term brand-building activity faced by many businesses. Increasingly, there is a tendency to use short-term metrics as primary performance measures, and this has dangerous implications for long-term success. Our robust approach to media planning, fuelled by data, helps our clients solve their unique challenges.

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