There are few vehicles on the road as recognizable as a Mini which is attributed to their unconventional innovation and design. With a customer preference shift to larger vehicles in the US, every sales opportunity is paramount.

Winter sales events are one of the most competitive seasons as manufacturers promote their biggest discounts. Mini needed to increase dealer visits for their Season of Drive Winter Sales Event by delivering more personalized, relevant content to potential customers, if they were to improve dealer foot traffic during this critical promotional period.



United States


shoppers reached YoY


sales conversion rate


incremental revenue


Merkle drilled into shoppers’ preferences to develop unique audiences. What models were customers interested in? Which offer would be most compelling? How likely were people to buy? Combining a custom creative experience with audience-specific messaging helped MINI break through the holiday noise. By developing unique communication streams based on the propensity to buy, a lot more cars were purchased and driven off the lot.

Keys to success

  • Utilize predictive models to create highly customed communications.
  • Drive conversion among high-propensity audience with offer-focused messaging.
  • Deepen consideration for low-propensity audience through MINI’s unique community.
  • Measure campaign performance and apply learnings to future sales events.

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