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10 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

Have you ever thought of blogging? Learn why blogging is important for your business and how it will help in gaining exposure, getting leads and more customers. 

Blogging for Business – Why it is Important?

Blogging helps your business grow in different ways. Blogging is undoubtedly engaging and fun, which makes it attractive to the audience.  

As almost 4 billion people are connected to the internet worldwide, it is the best time for companies to start blogging to enhance their marketing.   

Blogging is one of the best ways to build a mutually trustful relationship with your customers.  

Recent studies state that companies who prioritize blogging can expect 13 times more positive revenue in the sector of social media marketing.  

In this article, we’re going to discuss how blogging plays a vital role in helping your business blossom. It is important to note that blogging doesn’t only benefit big companies but also small companies and new start-ups.  

The first thing that can motivate a business to start blogging is its benefits, we can’t deny that we need to learn about a subject before we apply it practically.  

Let’s explore how exactly blogging can help your business.   

  1. Update audience regarding your business 
    You may wonder why you can’t simply use your website for updating your audience about your business, the answer is simple.  A website approaches your audience in an orthodox way while blogs approach your audience with flexibility. Website provides a more straightforward tone about your work. In contrast, blogs are more helpful in showing who you are and not just what work you do. With the help of your blog, you can talk deeply about your services and products, share content timely and comment on industry trends, which helps your company look promising.  Blogs don’t always mean articles; you have the chance and authority to share news and other relevant information about your company through them. It helps your audience keep hooked on your content as blogs help keep your audience know what you’re up to. Your blog can contain different contents like your latest interview with an industry expert, details of your new senior manager, your latest case study on how to make your company more promising, and many more.  Blogs make your brand look more humane. It shows that your company is so much more than just selling products. This reason is crucial to understand why blogs are important for business. 

  2. Build brand awareness 
    Build Brand Awareness
    It is important to make your brand name stand out in the industry. The more your brand's presence on the internet, the more your chances of building a strong business will grow. In this era of constant competition, it is important to make yourself look like an expert in your domain to outshine the competitors. With a well-written blog, you can easily attract your audience by proving to be learned and experienced in your field. It is evident that customers only feel safe to trust an expert company or service provider. It is important to showcase your brand as the leader of your sector. For example, if you own a gadget business, you want your audience to think that you are the best in your field.  You can write blogs by giving detailed descriptions of your products and how they function. You can also write well-researched articles on your services and show/demonstrate how they can be helpful to the consumers. It helps build a relationship of trust with your customers, and thus, increasing the chances of building a better opportunity for your business.   

  3. Long tail and targeted leads traffic can be improved 
    We all want more visitors to our websites. Creating a website will only influence the people who already know about your brand, making your brand known to only a few people. You could pay for traffic by buying tons of paid ads, but the traffic stops the moment you run out of money. And let’s be honest, it is quite expensive, even more, if you’re a new business. The best way to ensure targeted traffic is by constantly updating blogs. Blogging makes sure that the website is always updated with new content and enriches its reach. The more blogs you create, the more the chances of you appearing in the search engine. Uploading more blogs increases your brand's chance of attracting organic growth, meaning that your audience will mostly contain people with a genuine interest in your product and service. Your SEO strategy will strengthen with the number of blogs you create. Long-tail keywords, images, and videos, along with a well-framed blog, can increase your chances of attracting traffic by a lot. 

  4. Helps in improving internal linking 
    Internal linking, unlike inbound linking, is something that you can have full control over. Since you have control over them, you can choose to exclude using them in your blogs without compromising on any factor since there is no need to use them.  This will help your audience find the most important parts of your website while going through the site. You can also be sure that internal linking in the blogs of your other blog posts and pages will perhaps improve the success of your SEO.  You can have a better rank if you have more relevant links, meaning that your website will attract more potential leads and traffic.  

  5. Helps in building an email list of your visitors 
    Email marketing is undoubtedly a strong marketing tool. However, it is not easy to have people sign up, making it difficult for you to connect with your audience via email. But with the help of blogs, you can resolve this problem. It makes your audience feel the need to keep updated, ensuring that they sign up with your business. People will most likely trust your email newsletters if they think that your blog contents are relevant, engaging, and, most importantly, informative.  Including internal links in your email newsletters and your blogs will push your audience to sign-up, making your content reach a bigger number of audiences. It makes it easy for them to access information on your company’s new products, promotions, and business updates. 

  6. Easy for getting social media exposure & new clients 
    Easy social media exposure
    Blogging is an easy method to boost your social media presence. It helps your brand get recognition via social media. A blog post is easy to share on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Whenever you create a blog post, you’re allowing your audience to share your content; hence, people who don’t know about your company can have the opportunity to navigate through your content. This is an assured way of gaining new clients. Blogging also helps you create content for your social media. Instead of creating new content continuously for your social media pages, you can share the links of your blog posts. It’ll help you have a dominant position in social media and decrease your workload.  

  7. Blogging can help you in link building 
    Among the 200 factors considered by the Google algorithm, inbound links and backlinks are important ones. Many experts also believe that backlinks are the 3rd most important search engine optimization factor. Inbound link generation is a very important factor. However, it is believed by 41% of the experts that building links is the most difficult part of SEO.  Creating articles that are valuable to your clients and to other companies that are considered industry leaders by your audience can help you gain more relevant links.  Providing links to authoritative websites or getting recommendations from other websites to make your company look authentic. It also signals Google about your trustworthiness and expertise in your specific industry. Backlinks also help you build your domain authority, which also helps you improve your overall popularity in search engines. 

  8. Blog posts can drive long-term results 
    Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to spend money on targeted ads? Or if you don’t even have to post something every day to have people engage with your content? Blogging makes it possible for you. You can take a break from your website for days and have people interact with your content daily. How? Well, here’s the answer, Blogs can have long-term results. It is often assumed that a blog will only have an impact on people for a short time after its release. But this isn’t the case. Blogs include keywords, meaning that when someone searches for information on any search engine related to the topic you’ve already posted, your blog pops up. A reader might read a blog you created two years ago to fetch relevant information. Ranked blogs can get traffic for months and years. It is safe to say that blogs can generate long-term results and help your brand get better recognition.  

  9. Blogging can help your brand work with influencers 
    Blogging can help with influencers

    Studies state that there has been a rise of 400% on blogs in paid content promotion since 2014. Only 3% of the businesses have faced negative outcomes after choosing this method. Businesses that have not yet tried this method are missing a huge opportunity to grow their market.  Having an influencer or guest post, a blog about your products and services can greatly impact your sales. Your hired influencer can write a blog on the usefulness of your product and post it on their social media profile or website, which will expose your product or service to a large group of audience.  It is important to hire a relevant influencer for your brand. For example, if you deal in beauty products, it is important to hire a beauty influencer to attract a relevant audience. 

  10. Blogging can help your brand increase customer engagement 
    It is important for you to engage with your customers to build better relationships and communication.  Replying to social media comments helps, but it is not always the most effective method. Blogging, if done correctly, is a much better tool for conversations with your customers and can also result in being more engaging.  For example, if you are a food company, you can post recipe blogs written by your customers on your website to make them feel more heard. This will also show your other customers that people are satisfied with your results.  Another method you can adopt is by letting your consumers give feedback at the end of each of your blogs. This will help you know how the blog has helped your customer and if you need to make any changes. 

Other Benefits of Blogging for Business 

Blogging can also benefit you in other ways. Although they’re not the core reasons a company should start blogging, they can be useful. For example, if you want to launch a new product or campaign, you can create a blog about it by mentioning its features and seeing how people react to it. It will decrease the chance of your investment going completely in vain. 

You can also start blogging because you want to share your ideas and motives with people. Blogs can inspire people, so; you can start blogging if you want to influence people and create a strong persona for your company.  

However, this shouldn’t be the main purpose of starting blogging. 


A lot of businesses are reluctant about starting blogging despite their benefits because they seem to be challenging. But you shouldn’t hold back just because blogging might appear to be difficult. Remember, the more you invest, the more you get in return. 

These are the ten most important reasons we think you should consider starting a blog. Hopefully, the reasons will help you in thinking about starting your blogs soon.  

It is important to be up to date with the online competition to make a name for your brand, and let’s be honest, blogging is an option to consider. 

After all, it is important to know why blogging is important for your business. 

Now, before you start blogging, make sure you consider your brand identity carefully and know how blogging will exactly support your prevailing marketing strategy. If you are unsure where to start or what to include, you can seek help from professionals and start your blog.  

Happy Blogging!