Pet Wellbeing needed to modernize their marketing analytical tools to maximize their digital advertising investment across Amazon's marketing platforms. Learn how we helped them save hours of reporting time per month while increasing sales. 


lift in total product sales


increase in purchase rate


incremental reach


hours of reporting time saved per person per month 

The challenge

Pet Wellbeing provides natural supplements and products to promote the health and wellness of pets. Their products include a variety of supplements for common health issues, as well as grooming and dental care products. 

The brand needed to make their advertising on Amazon's marketing platform more effective by better utilizing analytical tools to measure its impact and increase targeted activation. Also, to best prepare for current and future product launches, Pet Wellbeing needed to gain this comprehensive view of ad performance and insights.

The approach

Pet Wellbeing partnered with us for this project because of their extensive experience managing media work, particularly in relation to Amazon ads, and the strong relationship the two companies have built working together. 

The team developed several objectives that required attention to successfully complete this project: 

  • Analysis Objectives 
    Built a learning agenda to consolidate analytical and business questions, objectives, and data requirements. This allowed the brand to gain a holistic understanding across Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Demand-side platform ad campaigns.  
  • Media Planning 
    Created a media and testing plan to define targeting strategies and enable measurement of learning objectives. They also stood up Amazon DSP to activate programmatic campaigns across various audiences. 
  • Analytics 
    Leveraged Amazon Marketing Cloud to stitch Amazon Ads data sources together and developed queries to address prioritized business questions. 
  • Measurement and Reporting 
    Set up the workflows and schedules using AMC’s API and developed the cloud functions to export queries from AWS S3 into BigQuery and Looker Studio’s dashboard to support data visualization to easily show how the ads are performing and where improvements can be made. This also simplified reporting needs across multiple stakeholders. 
With Amazon as a key sales channel, improving how we approach the Amazon Marketing Cloud is a core focus. Working with Merkle has achieved just that and set the basis for continued sales growth.

Darcy Foster

CEO, Pet Wellbeing

The outcome

Leveraging Amazon’s data clean room, Amazon Marketing Cloud allowed Pet Wellbeing to gain direct insight into the impacts of full funnel marketing within their Amazon advertising ecosystem to gain a holistic view of insights from all their Amazon Ads investments. Through the inclusion of the DSP into their marketing mix, Pet Wellbeing was able to deliver significant incremental reach and drive incremental conversions. The brand was able to save hours of reporting time per month using automated dashboards built in Looker Studio while increasing sales. 

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