MMG now delivers automatically generated test drive follow-ups and turns 25 % of them into paying customers.


conversion rate for customers receiving follow-up email


increase in open rate for follow-up emails

The challenge

If you go for a test drive you are by definition a hot lead. Still, many potential car customers don’t hear from the dealers in the days following their spin, because the Norwegian market is still marked by hand-held operations where user data isn't automatically logged and used to drive strategic sales initiatives.  

The approach

So, Norway’s biggest car importer decided to do things differently. By creating an automated lead generation flow, MMG now tracks potential customers and incorporates the name of the local sales rep as the email sender. That way they are able to draw strength from the established relation and ensure a customised user experience from the get go. Trust to thrust.  

It has always been crucial to follow up on a test drive to give a customers all the answers she needs as well as all the reasons to go through with the purchase. Now it happens automatically.

The outcome

With the lead program MMG has paved the way for a more enjoyable ride for the customers, and isn’t that exactly what buying a new car should be all about? The pilot program is still running. These are some of the very promising results.

  • On average follow-up emails are opened 2,5 times.
  • Over a 7 month period customers who received the follow-up email had a conversion rate of 26,8 per cent signing a contract to buy a car.
  • In the same period of time, customers who did NOT receive any follow-up from the dealers had a conversion rate of only 16,7 per cent signing a contract to buy a car.
  • For the entire time the pilot program has been in place the average conversion rate is conversion rate of 25,3 per cent signing a contract to buy a car.

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