What you’d learn

What does the B2B landscape look like in 2023? What's on the horizon for industry-wide innovation? How can B2B brands outperform their competitors in the years to come? 

These are the questions we’ll answer in this webinar. 

We’ll showcase the most important trends shaping the industry, and how B2B businesses can better meet their customers’ needs. We hope you can join us for an expert-led discussion on the past, present, and future of B2B commerce, informed by real insights and data. 

Wondering why all of this matters? Consider these stats from our research:

  • In 34% of B2B decisions, a competitor beat out the incumbent. Competition is only rising and you must innovate to stay relevant.
  • 53% of buyers expect to be able to buy all their products/services through an ecommerce platform. Maintaining robust purchasing options is key to delivering a high-quality B2B experience.
  • 70% of buyers say they would like business suppliers to spend more time seeking to understand them and how the brand can solve day-to-day problems they face at work. 


This webinar is hosted by ANA*

Our presenters