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The disconnect between IT and marketing teams is causing brands to squander their tech investments, creating issues that range from counterproductive goals to poor customer experiences. In fact, according to new Merkle research, misalignment across the CMO and CIO often leads to delays in decision making (48%) and missed goals (30%). 

Our latest webinar will uncover more insights that can help decision makers bridge the IT/marketing divide. 

During this webinar, you’ll learn:


  • Actionable tips and tricks to bring marketing and IT teams together.

  • How to solidify the CMO and CIO partnership dynamic.

  • The benefits of a successful martech collaboration… and the consequences of division.


2023 Customer Engagement Report

When the CMO and CIO aren’t aligned, marketing and IT departments can often spend more time playing catch up than meeting business goals. From staffing issues to investments that don’t prove ROI or support KPIs – misalignment at the top impacts the bottom line. In this issue of the Customer Engagement Report, we surveyed 400 marketing and IT professionals; 200 executives and 200 manage

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