Rotterdam, 12 October 2023

Albert Heijn and Merkle amaze judges with Experience Design at the Marigold Awards

The Marigold Awards, formerly known as Selligent Awards, celebrate excellence in digital marketing. Together with our client, Albert Heijn, we secured a Marigold Award in the 'WOW' category with the Christmas Campaign 2022. This campaign seamlessly combined inspiration, experience design, and personalization within two innovative and creative emails.

Merkle and Albert Heijn received the award during the 2023 Marigold Buzz event in Amsterdam on October 12.

About the case

In 2022, Albert Heijn was determined to make Christmas magical for all. Together, we aimed to inspire, simplify, and provide affordable options for a delightful holiday season. This campaign portrayed Albert Heijn as the supermarket that could infuse the spirit of a magical Christmas and the finest products to suit every budget.

We chose to highlight the two Christmas emails that enriched the inspirational aspect of email marketing. The first encouraged customers to embrace the Christmas spirit after the Sinterklaas period, while the second mail focused on providing inspiration for incredible Christmas dishes, whether made from scratch or with a little help from Albert Heijn.

Our goal was to achieve a positivity ratio of 70%, and we successfully achieved an impressive 73%, surpassing the general average by 20%.

Notably, the older the customer, the more engagement, higher positivity, and lower unsubscribe rates were observed. The overall experience design and interactive features contributed to this higher positivity ratio and stimulated positive feedback.

Read and see how we approached this in the full case description here.


About the Marigold Awards

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