Dallas, TX, August 6, 2020

Digital Pi's Updated Gold Standard - Do More With Less

Global Marketing Operations Automation Experts, Digital Pi, LLC, launches enhanced services offering to help businesses scale marketing efforts with Marketo

Digital Pi, LLC, a Merkle company and global team of marketing automation experts, today unveiled its plans to launch the 2020 Gold Standard framework.

The 2020 Gold Standard is a newly enhanced and fully packaged services offering built for Marketo Engage customers. It includes a series of twelve foundational processes and corresponding deliverables focusing on getting companies to ROI for their Marketo Engage. It is an answer to the needs of marketing teams who face increasing pressure for greater scale without a corresponding increase in resources. The end result is a repeatable and measurable Marketo instance that scales for new implementations and Marketo makeovers.

“The 2020 Gold Standard framework is a culmination of each piece of the philosophy that has perennially brought success to our clients. It is dynamic in nature and continuously updated so that our clients’ marketing efforts are resilient even to unpredictable markets like the one we find ourselves in now,”  said Vivi Gehan, Vice President of Operations of Digital Pi. “Marketo Engage is an incredibly powerful and versatile platform. The 2020 Gold Standard takes into account Marketo Engage's inherent capabilities, best practice marketing tactics and strategy, as well as our clients’ specific goals and needs to increase their output to achieve desired scale.” 

The 2020 Gold Standard will be offered both to new Marketo Engage users, as well as existing users who are looking to increase their marketing efficiency by optimizing their Marketo Engage instance. 

The enhanced 2020 Gold Standard includes new features to help Marketo Engage clients streamline their Marketo instances, such as:

  • Enhanced engagement framework for streamlined nurturing and journey management
  • Updated FLEX framework for increased email and landing page customization 
  • Streamlined UTM process for detailed campaign tracking and management
  • Customized subscription management for compliance

Poly recently turned to Digital Pi for Marketo Engage optimization after Plantronics acquired Polycom and needed to merge separate instances of two different marketing automation platforms. “In the Gold Standard, Digital Pi has developed a base system that is based on research, experience, and iteration,” said AJ Sedlak, Senior Manager Marketing Technology & Automation at Poly. “The Gold Standard has been incredible for us, providing our new Marketo Engage instance with a really strong foundation for us to scale as needed.” 

As part of the 2020 Gold Standard launch, Digital Pi will host several virtual events to educate Marketo Engage users on how their marketing team can accomplish more with less.

For more information on the 2020 Gold Standard, follow along with our blog series beginning here or watch our content hub for details on upcoming events.

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