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Patients, consumers, and HCPs expect health brands and organizations to deliver services tailored to their needs. But as the digital and physical worlds converge, and retail and tech’s influence on health grows, the bar that health organizations must reach rises ever higher. It’s no longer a differentiator to offer virtual visits, educational webinars or to email personalized offers. Today, health companies must also demonstrate they can deliver the optimal customer experience, drive innovation, and get value out of their technology investments.

Merkle’s 2023 Health Executive Exchange will explore the intersection of pharma, healthcare, tech and retail, with ways to meet the growing expectations for healthcare experiences and investments.

Join us at the Exchange, and you’ll learn how to:

  • Reimagine data, tech, and activation
  • Navigate the “phygital” space of in-person and digital experiences
  • Make experiences a path to conversion
  • Understand the path to marketing maturity
  • Derive value from data
  • Future-proof your brand with digital tools, and HIPAA compliance