When it comes to holiday planning in 2023, retailers and consumer brands are now the gift givers, putting shoppers on the receiving end. With shoppers dictating the holiday experience, it’s your job to give customers the perfect gift – holiday offerings and promotions shaped by data and trends.

The 2023 Holiday Playbook brings you the latest insights to help you anticipate what shoppers need. 

Download the playbook to dive into this year’s four trends you must follow for success and how to capitalize on them.

You’ll learn how to navigate:

  • A changing retail calendar
  • The endless aisle
  • Commodities vs. experiences
  • Doing more with less

Give the gift of seamless CX

Unwrap Holiday Success in 2023

Learn how to win the holiday season by showing up for your customers where they are with what they want, whether that’s online or in-store in September or mid-December.

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