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Ethnicity Pillar

The Ethnicity Pillar is committed to improving the racial diversity of our workforce and providing a workplace that is inclusive, supportive and fair for everyone, regardless of background, race or ethnicity.

Ethnicity in the workplace

The Ethnicity Pillar at Merkle is focused on three key areas: external influence, internal education and business commitment. We contribute to our community with external activities focused on promoting ethnic equality. This involves playing an active role in improving diversity in our industry by working with recruitment to diversify our intake and celebrating that diversity on the industry stage. We conduct thorough reviews of our partners and suppliers to ensure they meet our high standards of ethical and inclusive practices, make a difference in our communities through fundraising and partnerships that enable younger generations to access our industry. We are educating our internal teams through celebration of historical events, educational workshops and hosting internal panels or guest speakers. We demonstrate our business commitment to this cause by assessing our ethnicity pay gap and looking at our pyramid through the lens of racial diversity. Our executive leadership team have undergone intensive training on this topic and personally lead a host of workstreams designed to address structural barriers to becoming a truly inclusive workplace.

A word from our pillar lead


Dinah Musisi headshot

Dinah Musisi

Head of Facilities

“The Ethnicity Pillar celebrate, create conversation and uplift ethnically diverse people within our business. Working with the team I have found it slightly easier to talk about my personal experiences in relation to race and ethnicity. The pillar is passionate about increasing representation, educating, supporting, as well as contributing to society. The Ethnicity Pillar builds confidence and offers support from co-workers and across the business. Pillar representatives and the CxM Leadership team are working to build out tangible goals to shape how we better support our people, increase representation and embed Diversity Equity and Inclusion into every aspect of our business.”

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