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Customer Relationship Management

Enabling our clients to attract, nurture and retain valuable audiences through all addressable channels.


3,000 +
Employees in EMEA enabling the delivery of CRM for clients
56 %
Improvement in cross-sell / up-sell
54 %
Return on investment for our clients
128 B
Personalised emails delivered for our clients in 2018

The CRM Challenge

Customers today expect brands to not only recognise them, but to tailor their experience to them – sending a generic weekly email no longer cuts it. Instead, communication needs to be relevant to their interests, tailored to their behaviour and delivered via their preferred channel. While this increases the opportunities to engage, it also increases complexity. Connecting disparate pieces of customer experience into identifiable customer lifecycles is tricky – but something we help to solve. By taking an audience-first approach, we help clients find, win, keep and grow customers by delivering targeted messages via the right mix of channels to drive genuine engagement.

Why CRM matters to your company

Brands investing in a more integrated, customer-centric approach to CRM can prove significant improvements in marketing ROI, customer retention, cross-sell and up-sell. To do this, we don't start with a sales objective or channel. Instead, we begin by understanding the customer data to guide our strategic, messaging and testing approach. Then, by keeping a laser-focus on customer metrics, we continually optimise our activity. This results in an effective and efficient marketing strategy that's led by, and for, real customers. This deep understanding of the audience and their motivations can then be leveraged to drive brand objectives.

The Merkle solution

CRM has moved beyond up-sell offers via email to encourage customers into interacting with you. In fact, how people interact with companies is no longer fully controlled by the brand – but the customer. Our audience-centric, integrated approach understands this. We use our deep expertise in data, technology and analytics to determine what each individual is likely to respond to, with what frequency and via which channel. This enables us to deliver proven, effective customer engagement for many of world’s most recognised and trusted brands, nationally, regionally and globally.

CRM in the broader picture

The art of people-based marketing is identifying and engaging with the individual. Our approach to CRM is a fundamental driver of understanding every customer, their needs and how your brand can fulfil them. From contact density, to channel, timing, content and personalisation, our unique planning principles enable us to create CRM programmes that engage the individual and drive loyalty.

Why work with us?

Our unique mix of expertise starts with data and is always routed in proving performance, whether the solution is technology integration or a new campaign to address a particular insight. It’s not about being everywhere, but where it matters. Starting with the purpose – not the medium – and ensuring that creative not only lands the idea but uses data to deliver it. And most importantly, ensuring integration through technology, data and execution to orchestrate the right communication flow and automation where possible to maximise efficiency.

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