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Currys, the leading omnichannel electrical and mobile retailer, sees 29:1 return on investment through data transformation


Currys exists to help everyone enjoy amazing technology: that’s the starting point for every decision they make. The brand is a leading omnichannel retailer of technology products and services, operating through 932 stores and 16 websites in eight countries. Their mission is to help everyone enjoy amazing technology, however they choose to shop.


We began with a scoping exercise to establish the best approach to the challenge, flagging up potential pain-points so they could be dealt with in advance. We next took over management of the client’s existing on-premise Adobe Campaign software, beginning the task by auditing and checking existing data sources for connectivity, cleaning them up as needed. These sources were then handed to our offshore managed service team, delivering effective management at a competitive cost whilst also ensuring that compliance was always kept at the forefront of operations.

We also delivered a much-simplified data model specifically to feed the business’s Adobe Campaign instance, condensing what had been 300 different data tables with c.1800 variables into just 11 flat data tables with c.274 variables. This created a readily accessible dataset that could be used much more easily to tailor campaigns at a unique customer level.

We took an iterative approach to delivery, meaning that results both boosted confidence and delivered valuable learnings as work progressed, and speed-to-value was high.


By starting with the basics and securing quick wins, we were able to move more rapidly on to a major transformation for this retailer. Customer comms capabilities have been revolutionised through the consolidation and simplification of data. Each customer is now receiving far more communications that are unique to their individual situation, activity and relationship with the brand. This much-improved experience translates to greater advocacy and customer spend, immediately driving greater revenue for the brand.

People-based marketing is now well-embedded at Currys, with customer-centricity forming a cornerstone principle of their marketing activity. This work has ensured that the brand continues to be best placed to help customers to choose, afford, purchase and enjoy the amazing technology in which Currys has such expertise. 

93% rise in click through rates year on year
95% of incremental revenue driven by improved performance in entertainment

Keys to success

  • Incremental approach meant quick wins boosted client team confidence, drove rapid learnings
  • High speed-to-value for project
  • Data simplification to fuel a hyper-personalised end-customer experience
  • Detailed advance planning to deal with issues before they arose

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