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Jetstar site

Reassuringly reliable

Jetstar’s platform is one of Australia’s top five eCommerce sites, receiving 70 million visitors a year, and accounting for 80% of revenue, so it’s critical to ensure it is a great brand experience and its infrastructure is stable.


Customer-centric experiences

Using Sitecore expertise, we rebuilt the Jetstar eCommerce platform from the ground up, keeping the customer at the heart of the experience, iteratively testing and rolling out 22 websites in 9 languages. This new platform ensures we now work in an iterative way on conversion and optimisation improvements to the entire ecosystem. We also consulted on the management of the site to ensure teams are agile, delivering value incrementally and allowing changing priorities.


Jetstar site


Transforming driving sales

Following the transformation project there was a 5bn increase in annual sales and 70m new users. The new site experience supported 10M monthly users and achieved $5bn annual sales. The implementation of the design principles and agile working practices ensures the Jetstar team now works in an interactive way on conversion, optimisation and improvements to the entire ecosystem. The new site and team structure has helped contribute to 20% in-flight purchases, 70m new users and an 8% increase in customer satisfaction.

Keys to success

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