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Customer Data and Decisioning Technology Drives B2B Sales for a Paint Retailer

A holistic view of customers painted a new picture for sales reps, who began tailoring the types of interactions they had with their contacts. Within six weeks, almost a third of their customers were making premium purchases.


A Fortune 500 building materials retailer was looking to increase the effectiveness of its B2B sales force by leveraging a combination of a new marketing database, analytics services, and automated next best actions.


Utilizing cleaned and consolidated data within the clients newly built marketing database which included a fully integrated campaign tool set and customized analytic scoring algorithms, next best action (NBA) processes were developed to drive customers whom the sales team would contact as well as the content of the conversations with the customer.

We developed a modern marketing platform, including a 360-degree view of the customer, complete with rich third-party data appended. Utilizing deep industry and cloud technology expertise, robust technology implementation methodology, and our Adobe alliance partnership, Merkle designed, built, tested, and deployed a marketing platform. The platform included a customer database, tracking both B2B- and B2C- level customer data, engagements with the brand including transactional, digital, and personal contacts both inbound and outbound.

In addition, Merkle supplemented first-party data with a rich set of third-party data to inform a more complete customer profile. We then set up Tableau, a visualization tool to generate reporting and insights, as well as Adobe Campaign to leverage insights and drive outbound marketing communications.

We implemented a data-driven approach to understanding customers to engage in a given time period, utilizing prior actions taken by customers like: specific products purchased, lifecycle metrics, preferences, etc., to construct business rules for next best actions. This adds value and personalizes the customer experience. 



Next best action adoption rate among sales representatives nation wide


Of customers made premium purchases in first 6 weeks

Keys to success

  • Data-driven approach to understanding customers to engage in a given time period
  • Integrated data and best-in-class campaign functionality to drive automation
  • Consultative team to turn client goals/objectives into viable technology integrations
  • Agile release approach to allow quick value realization

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