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The Direct Mail Renaissance: What’s Changed and Why It Matters

Many people still think of direct mail as it was in their parents’ or grandparents’ generations – thick catalogs and impersonal offers that sat atop kitchen tables, largely ignored, for weeks at a time. But a lot has changed with direct mail, making it a viable, efficient channel for today’s marketers.
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I Am Merkle: April

This month, the Merkle Americas DEI Team is putting a spotlight on the leads of the Enablement Group, particularly those from the Mental Health & Wellness Affinity Groups for Stress Awareness Month.
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Is Your Data Holding Back Customer Experience?

Meeting consumer expectations is essential for any brand's success today. In fact, 71% of consumers expect personalized experiences. However, after years of working with our clients to achieve great customer experiences, we've discovered that the real challenge is not technology, but data.
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Tools and Techniques for Producing Content at Scale

Content at scale is an incredible way to maximize your brand’s reach and enables effective communication with customers at the right time. But to produce content at scale, organizations need to have a well-organized process for creating, optimizing, and publishing content.
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You’ve Built a Retail Media Network ... Now What?

When launching or trying to scale their media networks, retailers often neglect to build strategic marketing and communication plans to drive sales and growth. As a result, they're losing opportunities to attract more brands, rise as a thought leader, and scale as a network.