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Merkle B-to-B Loyalty Report Series

Merkle B-to-B Loyalty Report Series

A Summary

B-to-B loyalty is positioned for change. Informed by new data about what B-to-B buyers value most from their loyalty programs, and inspired by the possibilities of new products, services, and incentives, B-to-B sellers must align their programs around buyers’ most valued services and the move to the mobile channel. Merkle’s report series presents research and reveals that:

  • B-to-B sellers must look beyond financial incentives and focus instead on business-building resources, relationships, and opportunities that foster growth and success for their B-to-B business owners.
  • B-to-B sellers are laying the groundwork for their own success – likely to become more proficient at running their own businesses and loyalty programs and able to leverage ever-expanding connections with their B-to-B owners and the broader market place. B-to-B sellers can create products and opportunities that turn satisfied business owners into brand advocates, allowing them to take advantage of spillover “soft benefits” that include improved talk value, third-party endorsements, and the ability to influence downstream business and consumer markets.

This research uncovers a considerable opportunity for B-to-B loyalty program providers. By crafting loyalty solutions that are based less on financial incentives and more on the value-adding resources buyers want, they can create a shared prosperity dynamic that will increase the depth and duration of their business relationships.